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What is Off Site SEO and how can it help businesses?

Off site SEO refers to a set of techniques used by SEO specialists to make your website rate higher in the search engine results page. These techniques differ from online SEO methods and consists of strategies which are done on an off page basis. They go beyond designing your website or using the right keywords.

One of the major misconception which people have is that offsite SEO simply relates to link building. However, it’s more than that. In fact it includes various promotional methods like social media marketing and social book marking.

The benefits of off site SEO

  • Where as on page SEO techniques might help you get quality traffic directed towards your website, it is often the amalgamation of the right on page and off site SEO techniques which can improve your site visibility.
  • Google uses complex algorithms to determine which business is placed where on the search results. Using a combination of these techniques can be of great benefit.
  • A business which can be linked to a variety of social media genres like twitter or Facebook appears to be more legit and trust worthy. It gives off the impression that people are talking about your business and it’s in the news so it’s definitely worth looking into.
  • This in turn can help improve your ranking tremendously. A business which ranks higher in search results has a better chance of doing greater business with a whole lot of people.
  • The major reason why Google is the most successful search engine is because it comes up with the most relevant results. If your business lists on the first page of search results, chances are your business is going to go places.
  • It improves your chances of better exposure. The more links which point towards your business, the more hashtags used for it, the better are your chances of improving business visibility. When you have a solid online presence, you have already achieved a major part of your success. There are more people who know about your business and they would definitely make use of your services whenever they need it.
  • Link building is a great strategy to let more websites and local businesses display your business in an effective manner. Consider it as getting a higher vote of confidence every time your business is seen listed on a number of websites or social media pages. It’s a sure fire way of getting ahead of the competition and ensuring that you stay on top of the game.
  • Though social book marking may not be as popular as it once was, it still helps generate traffic to your website. There are a variety of sites which would readily promote your business. Your SEO specialist can help you find such websites.


Making use of offsite SEO techniques is just as important as making use of on page ones. Make sure you talk to your SEO specialist about offsite SEO. Find more information about the Best SEO Company on our home page.

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